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The content is an overview of all NPC followed by an in-game command that sets a coordinate destination for the Navigation System in Milenia Capital City.

Middle Milenia[edit]

MVP Ladder [edit]


MVP Ladder ( /navi milenia 102/161 ) is a game of killing MVP bosses that are summoned that vary from low to high difficulty. The instance has a one day cooldown.

The following are lists of bosses summoned inside. Thus, the list is not in exact order:

Low Difficulty[edit]

Tao Gunka

Amon Ra


Golden Thief Bug

Medium Difficulty[edit]

Lady Tanee


Moonlight Flower




Turtle General


Mid-High Difficulty[edit]


Egnigem Cenia


Orc Hero

Evil Snake Lord

Samurai Specter

Gloom Under Night

White Lady

Fallen Bishop

High Difficulty[edit]


Dark Lord


Lord of the Dead

RSX 0806

Stormy Knight

Valkyrie Randgris


Lighthalzen Dungeon Level 3 MVPs[edit]

Assassin Cross Eremes

High Priest Margaretha

High Wizard Kathryne

Lord Knight Seyren

Master Smith Howard

Sniper Cecil

Lighthalzen Dungeon Level 4 MVPs[edit]

Champion Chen

Clown Alphoccio

Creator Flamel

Paladin Randall

Stalker Gertie

Gypsy Trentini

Professor Celia

Special MVP Monsters[edit]

Nidhoggur's Shadow


Memory of Thanatos

Note: Bring Token of Siegfried which is a reward from Disguise Event and Yggdrasil Leaf which can be bought at North Milenia.

Doram Support[edit]

Doram Support.gif

Doram Admiral ( /navi milenia 104/160 ) is an NPC that gives necessity for beginners.

Note: This NPC works only on Doram class.

Novice Support[edit]

Novice Support.gif

Novice_Support ( /navi milenia 105/158 ) is an NPC that gives necessity for beginners.

Note: This NPC works only on Novice class.

Coin Manager[edit]

Coin Manager.gif

Coin Manager ( /navi milenia 107/157 ) turns your zeny into coins classified as Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Mithril.

Note: 1,000,000,000 zeny is the limit per character and Mithril Coin is the only tradable coin.

GM Online Lists[edit]


GM_Online_List ( /navi milenia 109/158 ) shows online GM's.

Note: If you have further concerns, always use @request command.

Milenia Warper[edit]

Milenia Warper.gif

Milenia_Warper ( /navi milenia 112/158 ) is a map warper used free-of-charge.

Free Healer[edit]

FREE Healer.gif

Free Healer ( /navi milenia 112/155 ) is a Healer NPC free-of-charge without cooldown.

Note: The NPC only heals and does not give a buff package.

Milenia Healer[edit]

Milenia Healer.gif

Milenia_Healer ( /navi milenia 117/154 ) is a Healer NPC that gives a buff package in exchange for 1,000 zeny. Buff inclusion are the following:

  • Wind Walk
  • Crazy Uproar
  • Increase Agility
  • Blessing
  • Angelus
  • Gloria
  • Magnificat

Note: This NPC has a one-minute cooldown.


MVP Warper[edit]

MVP Warper.gif

MVP_Warper  ( /navi milenia 113/156 ) warps you to a room with four NPC's that hold numerous normal bosses.

Milenia War Master[edit]

Milenia War Master.gif

Milenia War Master  ( /navi milenia 121/153 ) warps you to a castle wherein which WoE is active.

Newbie Freebies[edit]

Newbie Freebies.gif

Newbie_Freebies ( /navi milenia 123/155 ) gives you a one time set of freebies that helps you getting started.

Note: Freebies are account bound. Thus, it is untradable.

Login Settings[edit]

Login Settings ( /navi milenia 125/155 ) helps you set your account that occurs every log-in. The settings include Autoloot, Main Channel, Chat Channel, Support Channel, Trade Channel, @NoAsk command.

Note: It is advised that you leave it with the default setting.

Milenia Tour[edit]

Milenia Tour.gif

Milenia_Tour ( /navi milenia 126/158 ) is the most helpful NPC around the city as it navigates you to every NPC within the vicinity of Milenia.

Milenia Coupon Master[edit]

Milenia Coupon Master.gif

Milenia Coupon Master ( /navi milenia 128/158 ) is used for claim Coupon give from GM.

Milenia Vote Shop[edit]

Milenia Vote Shop.gif

Milenia Vote Shop ( /navi milenia 130/159 ) converts your points you garnered from voting the server into valuable items. The shop includes the following:

RTENOTITLE Koneko Hat worth 60 points

RTENOTITLE Cat Ear Beret worth 150 points

RTENOTITLE Moon Rabbit Hat worth 80 points

RTENOTITLE Power of Thor worth 40 points

RTENOTITLE Gangster Scarf worth 30 points

RTENOTITLE Tucan Hat worth 60 points

RTENOTITLE Bubble Gum in Mouth worth 30 points

Four Leaf Clover in Mouth worth 30 points

Choco Donut in Mouth worth 20 points

Rainbow Scarf worth 70 points

Samurai Mask worth 70 points

Spiked Scarf worth 50 points

Love Valentine's Hat worth 70 points

Filir's Pinions worth 40 points

Hawk_Eyes worth 60 points

WoE Elven Ears worth 40 points

Silent Enforcer worth 50 points

Sniper Googles worth 70 points

Wanderer's Sakkat worth 50 points

Odin Mask worth 40 points

Ramen Hat worth 60 points

Black Frame Glasses worth 20 points

Robo Eye worth 80 points

Ninja Scroll worth 60 points

Umbala Spirit worth 20 points

Pirate Dagger worth 40 points

Gentleman's Pipe worth 80 points

Red Glasses worth 20 points

Lord Kaho's Horn worth 120 points

Kettle Hat worth 90 points

Dark Randgris Helm worth 100 points

Ayothaya King's Hat worth 130 points

Tam worth 140 points

Hunter's Cap worth 100 points

Skull Cap worth 150 points

Fantastic Wig worth 60 points

Ears of Ifrit worth 70 points

Father's White Moustache worth 120 points

Scarlet Rose worth 40 points

Eye of Darkness worth 60 points

Glasses worth 130 points

Brown Paperbag Hat worth 20 points

Angry Solo Hat worth 20 points

Observer worth 20 points

Dragon Arhat Mask worth 90 points

Reissue Schmitz Helm worth 100 points

Bunny Top Hat worth 60 points

Magic Rabbit Hat worth 60 points

Satanic Bone Helm worth 90 points


Donation Redeem[edit]


Donation Redeem ( /navi milenia 132/159 ) gives you your awaiting rewards to be redeemed once you donated.


Milenia GM Rewards[edit]

Milenia GM Rewards.gif

Milenia GM Rewards ( /navi milenia 134/159 ) grants you the access to view your pending rewards from events.


Guild Warehouse[edit]

Guild Warehouse.gif

Guild Warehouse ( /navi milenia 136/160 ) is an NPC which allows you to access your guild storage only if the guild master grants the access depending upon your position in guild.


Betting Girl[edit]


Betting Girl ( /navi milenia 138/161 ) lets you bet for the guild performers of WoE. It also shows the TOP 10 Guild. Options for betting are, 1m, 10m, and 100m zeny. If you bet on a winning guild, the bet you placed will be doubled.