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Three Classified Leveling Guide[edit]



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1. Claim your newbie package at Novice Support ( /navi milenia 106/158 ) or Doram Support ( /navi milenia 104/159 ).

2. Claim your Newbie Freebies at Newbie Freebies NPC ( /navi milenia 124/155 ).

3.1 Warp to Prontera Field 08 via Milenia Warper at ( /navi milenia 113/158 ) and kill Porings, Lunatics, or Fabres until you reach Job Level 10.

3.2 Kill Milenia Porings within Milenia Capital City.

Note: Step 1-3 NPC can be found in Middle Milenia.

4. Go back to Milenia Capital City by using a Butterfly Wing given from Support and change your job into your desired class by simply using Milenia Tour NPC ( /navi milenia 126/158 ). Navigate Job Master via Basic > Job Master.

5. After changing job, go to Ant Hell 01 and use Battle Manual +50%. Summon your Alice Mercenary given from Newbie Freebies. Right-click on your mercenary, view its skills and drag Brandish Spear to your hotkey to kill Ant Eggs until you reach Job Level 40.

6. If your Base Level is 40 and up, you can continue your leveling on Comodo Field 01 and kill Groves until Base Level 65.

Note: Your Alice Mercenary skill Brandish Spear is an AoE attack so mobbing Groves by dropping an item is the best strategy since Groves are considered looters.

7. Your next target is Goat which spawns in Yuno Field 11. You are advised to level up until Base Level 80.

Note: Your mercenary can still do the job but take into consideration that you must invest points on your VIT and AGI/LUK to survive the attack as you may not want to let your mercenary tank Goats despite that these mobs are subject to assist one another.

8. When you reach Base Level 80, you can continue leveling up in Rachel Field 12 and kill Roween until Base Level 90.

9. Go to Rachel Field 01 when you reach Base Level 90 and kill Desert Wolf until Base Level 99.

Note: When you're reborn, the same steps are still helpful. Thus, never forget using Battle Manual. It is a reward from Disguise Event.

Quicksilver [edit]

This guide is not recommended for newbie players. Thus, consider having friends that will lend you an egg to go further or just buy the egg from Cash Shop (you can find it on the right corner of your screen beside the map).


1. Buy yourself a Valkyrie Egg and warp to Ant Hell 01. Let your Valkyrie do the job. Best spawns are illustrated below.


Note: Put your points on VIT until you reach 2000 HP otherwise you can not succeed on the next step.

3. When you reach the required HP, you can max yourself out through summoning Amon Ra on Private MVP Room ( /navi Milenia 111/139 ).

Note: You need to get close enough until Amon Ra casts Sucking Blood on you. Your Valkyrie must also be close enough to aid you. This strategy is best until Base Level 125. You may start gearing yourself up or ask a friend to max you out by summoning Nidhoggur's Shadow.