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Getting Started

For Beginner : 

1. Claim Novice Support.

2. Claim Newbie Freebies.

3. Leveling at Prontera Field (Milenia Tour > Field > Prontera > Field 08) and kill few porings or fabre or lunatic until you reach max job level. Use Butterfly wing to return on Main town.

4. Change job by walking below or Milenia Tour > Basic > Job Master and choose your desired job.

5. If you have zeny, buy equipments and weapons from Milenia Item Mall (Milenia Tour > Market Place > Milenia Item Mall) and if you ever see a grey Mushroom saying "Don't Kill Me", kill it before other person kills it. It will drop 1 gold bar (100,000z).

6. If you can claim Newbie Freebies, summon Alice. Then right click Alice > View > Skills. Drag the Brandish Spear skill into your skill/item slot. Better put it at F1.

7. Talk to Healer and pay 100z to heal and buff.

8. Talk to Milenia Warper. Then Dungeon > Ant Hell > 01. Use that Alice skill on Ant Egg. Or kill any Ants there till you job level max. Return to town and then repeat step 4.

9. After changing job. You talk to Milenia Warper then Dungeon > Orc Dungeon > 02. Kill Zenorc and any monster there till you base level reach 70-80. Then return to town.

10. Talk to Milenia Tour, then Quest > Hunting Quest. And take quest from EXP Quest. Go back to Milenia Warper, then Field > Comodo > Field 03. Kill your Alligator till you complete the Quest. Remember to collect the Anolian Skin for Bonus EXP later. When you done, return to town and submit your completed quest. Then also submit the Anolian Skin for EXP Bonus. Repeat this step till you level 99.

11. After you level 99, you may reborn if you still not reborn.. If you already reborn, you can change into 3rd Job (Selected Job only).

12. After you reach level 100, you can take EXP Quest 2 and hunt Magmaring. (Milenia Warper > Field > Vein > Field 03) and collect Flame Heart for Bonus EXP.

13. You also can do Eden Group Quest. For level 100+, you need to go Behind Blue Door, and talk to first left NPC. She will ask to bring 50 brigan. You may kill some monster or use @iteminfo Brigan to check who drop it. Sometimes there are people vending Brigan in Market Area 1 or 2. 

14. If you're strong enough, you can solo MVP by enter MVP Room. The easy MVP to kill is Eddga at Alpha Room > Room 1. But beware of Mistress. That MVP really pain in the ass because of the slave and magic knockback skills.

15. If you have free time, you may do Headgear Quest or Equipment Quest or just hunt some monster which drop it.

Good luck~




New Contribution by Mia Khalifa (IGN)

Want to get an easy level up?


Follow these steps:


1. Get Novice Platinum Skill (Play Dead) at Platinum Skill NPC.

2. Put on shortcut keys (F1 etc)

3. Use Alice Mercenary contact. (You can get it on Novice Support.)

4. Use hotkets for brandish Skill and Magnum Break. (best on F2 F3 keys)

5. Use 100% Battle Manual From Support Items.

5. Go to Milenia Warper>Dungeon>Orc Dungeon>Lvl 1

6. Use play dead skill, you won't get hit. Control your Alice mercenary.

You can do this for as long as you have Alice Mercenary contract left in your inventory.

You can reach lvl 80-95 as a Novice in 30 minutes..

You're untouchable once you use Play Dead skill. (On selected areas.)


I hope this contribution would help newbies out there.



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