Hazy Forest

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This quest is a prerequisite quest for mora daily and side quests which will give players the opportunity to get Mora Coins

RO MoraCoin.png

which can be used to get high quality gears for specific classes : Arch Bishop, Rune Knight , Ranger, Guillotine Cross, Warlock

Click here for more details on Mora equips

1. Talk to warper NPC and choose Instance>Hazy Forest.

2. Talk to the Laphine Soldier and venture into the forest, make sure you are in a party.


3.  Click the log tunnel at the top of the Laphine Soldier and enter the Hazy Forest


4. Make sure you autoloot Lope's Clue by typing @autoloot command


5. Talk to the Mysterious Young man and choose every top choice.

6. This is where the maze begin. You need to fight yout way in the maze and find the MVP Lost Dragon>>2131.gif and kill it to activate loki NPC at Island 56

7.Heres the map of the portal for your guide (Click to enlarge)

Two Way Portal  One Way Portal Lost Dragon Spawn Lost Souls(Daily Quest)
Hazy Forest 02.png

(image source:irowiki)

8.The instance is basically a maze and players need to know their way to prevent getting lost in the maze. Kill The Gardener before cutting his tree to acces new portal for next island

9. Notable island that players always getting tricked into is island 37 and 47.

ScreenMilenia017.jpg     ScreenMilenia018.jpg

10. After killing the dragon, npc will pop up in island 56 .If there is no npc, keep finding the dragon,you need to kill it for the npc to appear here. 

11. Talk to loki and you will get notified to see him at mora by checking the Alt+U Quest window.

ScreenMilenia020.jpg  ScreenMilenia021.jpg

12. Go out with Butterfly Wing or Mysterious Seed. Warp to Mora Town (Warper>Town>Mora)

13. Near your spawn, there will be Loki waiting for u. Talk to both npc and get rewards.


14. Now all the npc in Mora will intertain you to accept their quest as you are already finished the prerequisite.