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Server Upcoming Update

Hello Milenians,

I'm currently working on release new update to our server and I just finished setup our new forum.. Sadly, this new hosting not support necessary PHP extension for that old forum software. But somehow I found this nice forum software and the best is, it built-in with RSS feature!

Ok, back to main story here! Below is our latest upcoming update (some update maybe announce later) :

  1. Implementing rAthena updated and compiled on 12th May 2017
  2. Updated Item Database, Mob Database, Mob Skill by rAthena
  3. Implementing new Shadow Chaser Alternate sprite
  4. Implementing Shadow Chaser change bodystyle in Dressroom NPC
  5. Fix Alternate Sprite color (Credit to rAthena member)
  6. During maintenance (auto-mode), player will be kick automatically when the timing reach ZERO to avoid any AFKing player or "CARELESS" player any data loss. (If you lost your data, we will not responsible!)
  7. Introducing Milenia Mining Cave! Newly improvise Mining!!
  8. Exchange Mithril and Mithril Ore you got from Mining Cave into Rare Mithril (Worth 1CP each)!! You need at least 80 Mithril to change 1 Rare Mithril OR 800 Mithril Ore into 1 Rare Mithril!
  9. Moved MVP Warper location with Milenia Healer (Paid) as requested by players
  10. Update Brewing System! Now you can know more details about your Brewing Skills!
  11. Rename Ygggdrasilberry Potion into Super Potion!! (Its hard to spell or typing it! So I changed it!)
  12. Implement "Rakuzas Ingame Browser"! Player can now Donate, Purchase in Donation Shop, Open Forum and Report Bug directly ingame!

More to come later~

That's all! Thank you for Donating and Supporting us! I love you all! /kis


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