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1 item missing from inventory

around 6.20-6.30 am today, trying to log in and making new character, I saw notice about maintenance and ask me to log out then i did. then around 2pm I tried to log in again. For some reason 1 headgear from inventory is missing (+15 King Tiger Doll Hat [1] with Lord Knight Card ). 

I tried too look in storage and other character in same id, still not found it. So I wonder where it goes?


  • When maintenance, the server autokick player and restart the server machine..

    Usually this process took about just few minutes and player item suppose not gone as you mention.

    Did someone have your password and pin? Or maybe you already sent to other account or sell it before?

    Or.. Maybe you dropped it by mistake? 

    This item missing is not from server maintenance fault.. 

    Thank you~
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