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Halloween 2017 Event

edited October 2017 in Events

29/10/2017 UNTIL  3/11/2017 (5 Days Event)

Halloween's Hat Trader Event

Reward : 
1x Costume Cube Mask

Material Need : 
1x Halo (2282)
200x White Mask (7568)
50x Pumpkin Lantern (1509) 
10x Shining Spear Blade (7109)
1x Viscious Cookie Card (31017)

Halloween's Eve Event 

Reward : 
1x Halloween Event Reward

Requirement to start this event : 
Must equip  Costume Cube Mask
Material Need : 
20x Pumpkin Head Crushed (6298) (Spawn from Jakk in Kampung map)
30x Pumpkin Lantern
1x Dracula Card

Halloween's Disguiser Event


[1] Pay 10,000,000z (10m) to this NPC to Disguise random Mobs
[ 2] You may reset your disguise if you Disconnect or Relogin and no refund

Halloween's Pumpkin-Head Giveaway
Hunt Jakk (Normal Spawn not Event Spawn in maintown) to get this headgear with 10% drop rate.

Happy Halloween Guys! Hope you enjoy our server event!!

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