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Milenia 8.0 Common Known Bug

edited September 2017 in Bug Report
#1  - Some account crashed after login  [ FIXED! ]
#2  - Got many resource missing error and crash [ 
#3  - Black color for alternate Sprite  [ 
#4  - Minimap empty  - [ KIV ]
#5  - Account with char Gene with alternate cloth and Rebellion have issue that make client crashed  [ 
#6 - Crashed when change Char after login. [ WAIT FOR rAthena FIX ]
#7 - Mouse not properly align when using Windowed Mode - [ See Note ]
#8 - Gene Super Stylist Crash [ Currently Investigating ] 

a) NPC Fading in certain distance or zoom-out

For #6 bug, it is client side issue and confirmed that rAthena not have full support for 2017 client. So I cannot fix this and we must wait till rAthena fully support it which even I don't know when.

For #7 bug, you can just fix it temporary by clicking the Client in your taskbar. . Or, you can just login using Full Screen or delete dinput.ini file from Milenia Folder (But this will lock your mouse within the client, to move the mouse outside you must ALT+TAB)
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