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7.16 Changelog

1. Fixed broken animation for Aspersio script
2. Fixed Novice cannot use Crimson Saber
3. Revised Daily Login Rewards
 Day 1  :  Blessing Box(10) 5x Increase Agi Box(10) 5x
 Day 2  :  Speed Potion 25x
 Day 3  :  Battle Manual Box 1x
 Day 4  :  Kafra Card 10x
 Day 5  :  Bloody Branch 1x
 Day 6  :  Angeling Potion 10x
 Day 7  :  Convex Mirror 5 Box 1x
 Day 8  :  Cashpoints Voucher 10's 1x
 Day 9  :  Infinite Flywing Box (7 Days) 1x
 Day 10 :  +7 Weapon and Armor Refine Ticket 1x
 Day 11 :  HE Bubblezgum Box 10 1x
 Day 12 :  Adventurer Returns Support Box 1x
 Day 13 :  Old Card Album 2x
 Day 14 :  Kafra Card x50
 Day 15 :  Token of Siegfried 2x
 Day 16 :  Infinite Awakening Potion 1x
 Day 17 :  Infinite Berserk Potion 1x
 Day 18 :  Bubble Gum 5x
 Day 19 :  1 Day Premium Dokebi Pass 1x
 Day 20 :  +5&6 Weapon Refine 1x
 Day 21 :  Token of Siegfried 5x
 Day 22 :  Gashapon Coupon 1x
 Day 23 :  Poring Coin 10x
 Day 24 :  +9 Armor&Weapon Refine 1x
 Day 25 :  Poring Coin 20x
 Day 26 :  Mora Coin 10x
 Day 27 :  50 Condense Yggberry Potion 
 Day 28 :  3 Days Milenia Certificate (VIP Refiner)
4. Increase all Invaded Prontera spawn included more extra General (50% more General from previous)
 Planning to removed the Slave/Minion cancelled. So the minions/slave stays.
5. Increase Red Dokebi Spawn in all Room. 
6. Increase Marine Sphere spawn in Byalan (Izlude) Dungeon 04
7. Added Gunpowder into Ingredients NPC
8. Revised Universal Market System by Emistry
9. Revised Castle Manager and Castle Dungeon Warper as requested and edited by Mr. Jessnar Sinues.
10. Adding Input "C" while entering Guild Betting for close the dialog.
11. Changed betting hours from 1 hour into 3 hours before woe start.
12. Implementing Mysterious Portal
 Player can now enter Guild Dungeon and Abyss Dungeon but paid 100m Fee to the Owner of the Castle.
 The fee can claim anytime by the Castle Guild Master.
 Guild Member can enter without paid.
13. Implementing Super Quest Board
 In EXP Quest area. 
 Have options to select reward (Zeny, Cashpoints, Premium Dokebi Pass and Gashapon Coupons
14. Added 1x Gashapon Coupon in Vote Shop
 5 Vote Points to exchange 1 Gashapon Coupon
15. Added Gashapon Coupon in Donation Shop
 1 Donation Credit for 2 Coupon


  • Extra Note : 

    1. Regarding New Headgear, we dont have the scripts yet.. And this project is under GM Froggie.
    2. Nerfs Woe Session will be delayed since I dont have enough time to edit it.. And this castle planning on every Friday 10pm-11pm.. All item such as Crimson, Vicious, Vellum, tao Scroll will be restricted.
    3. Expanded job incrase capped level also will be delayed since I need to further study how to increase the max level as I already spend almost 1 hour trial and error but got problem.
    4. Frozen PVP have bug.. Player will stuck between buildings.. Already contact the Author of Script.. Hope he can fix it.
    5. Super Quest Board have issue with collection quest.. Please avoid collecting for while.. Also reported to the Script Author and he currently looking into it.
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