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7.15 Changelog

1. Enable Frozen PVP as BUG fixed
 Fixed by Author and no longer conflicted with War of Emperium

2. Manuk Coin Storageable
3. Adding  Red Eruma and Nepenthes card for exchange in Card Trader NPC.
4. Re-Added Rare Costume NPC (Both Free and Donator)
 Only have Saiyan Hair, Baphomet Hat, 12th Anniversay Crown and Elven Ears
5. Removed all Costume from Cash Shop

6. Fix Sunflower Boy/Kid cannot equip
 Sorry for taking longer time! Its complicated and finally I found out what is the cause..
7.  Fix Lindy Hop cannot equip

8.  Fix Kick Step Card wrong description
 Change from Weapon into Armor

9. Added new Merchant skill in Platinum Skills NPC
 Changecart2 as requested by GM Froggie
10. Changed Axe Tornado from 2 Handed into 1 Handed

11. Added Permission for Expanded Job for equip Temporal Boots and Gigant Snake Skin
 As per requested and approved by GMs

12. Added permission to drop and trade below costume : 
 Costume White King Tiger Doll Hat
 Costume Dragon 
 Cintamani Hat
 Costume Black Rabbit Headband
 Costume White Rabbit Headband
 Costume Mouse Hat (All Color)
 Costume Cow Hat (All Color)
 Costume Coiledup Snake Hat
 Costume Husky Hat

13. Implement Delete Master NPC
 Give player list all item in inventory and delete item in inventory which is locked and cannot be storage,trade or drop.

14. Updated Random Milenia News.
 Add WoE time reminder, Woe Reward reminder, Tictactoe command reminder and Frozen PVP command reminder.
 Just in case you may forgot, @tt to start TicTacToe mini game and @frozen to start Frozen PVP (Beta).

15. Revised Devil Square
 Fixed Crappy Round 1 Mob Spawn
 Revised all Mob Spawn Script
16. Disabled Warp Portal Skills in Milenia PVP

17. Revised Gashapon Capsule Rate
 Empty Capsule - 5%
 Legendary Capsule - 2%
 Epic Capsule - 7%
 Rare Capsule - 10%
 Uncommon Capsule - 20%
 Common Capsule - 56%
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