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7.14 Changelog

Below is our latest changelog : 

1. Disable all costume NPC
2. Implement Gashapon System by GM Froggie
3. Revise Gashapon Machine Announcer and Scripts
 Fix crappy announcer (Tell got Legendary even it is not)
 Revise Gashapon Capsule Rate (Since too easy to get Legendary Capsule)
4. Fix Hantu Mak Limah (Raya Event not drop ketupat)
5. Fix Wrong Bloody Knight ID in MVP Room
6. Revise Devil Square
 Manual Spawn (Previous version auto spawn with query from SQL Database and always spawn missing mob even after few times fix)
7. Fix location of costume:
 Costume Rabbit Earplugs 
 Costume Binoculars
 Costume Surprised Mask
 Costume Goblin Leader Mask

8. Temporary Removed "Frozen PVP" Since it got bugged and conflict with WoE System

Note : Some other bugs are currently working on it like Lindy and Sunflower and will be fix on next update.

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