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7.13 Update Changelog (Raya Update)

edited September 2017 in News & Update Changelog
1. Updated rAthena as in Commits on Jun 23, 2017

2. Temporay Disable "Universal Shop System" due bug reported

3. Fix Shadow Chaser missing skillpoints when reset bug

4. Added VIP Refiner in Payon

5. Revise Dokebi Farm Announcement bug

6. Added Cedi MVP Card Changed Announcer (Cedi changed card every 12am)

7. Edit Infinite Awakening Potion into storageable

8. Changed non-rental Infinite Awakening Potion into Rental

9. Fix Wrong Daily Reward item (Infinite Awakening Potion)

10.  Changed unlimited Infinite Awakening Potion (Daily Login wrong item) into Rental item

11. Added Disguise Event Reward Stacker

12. Added more Swarm of Fish for upcoming Raya event

13. Triple Spawn of Raya Event Mob

14. Added Hantu Mak Limah MVP Raya Event  > Drop 50 Ketupat

15. Added Frozen PVP (Beta) - $15 paid script
Typing @frozen to start que.. Event will auto start when reach total 6 player apply for que (using @frozen command).
Reward will be added soon.. Please help me out by testing this script.

16. Added Custom Box for Frozen PVP Winner
Item will be add later.

That's all for today update.. Just want to share some news.. While making this update possible.. My home was struct by lightning and blow my Wifi Modem and Laptop.. Luckily my laptop still fine although I feel a bit "current" with my hand but my modem is dead.. For update all this, I continue at my office.. 

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