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7.12 Update Changelog

edited September 2017 in News & Update Changelog
1. Revise Daily Login Rewards 
 When enough time online (60 seconds) will auto use @dailies and claim the rewards.
 Change from 60 minutes into 60 seconds to claim the rewards
 Special Thanks for Mr. Emistry to improve it.

2. Fix WoE Betting
 Special Thanks to Mr. Jessnar for fix it.

3. Implementing milenia.grf version 2.0
 Fix Alternate Sprite for 3rd job
 Fix missing costume sprite
 Added jRO costume support

4. Update Dokebi Farm 1.2

 Add Dokebi pet limit
 Fix player not kick after reach timed out
 Revise remaining time message

5. Fix PVP with party

 Now player cannot attack party member (as per requested and approved by GM Staff)

6. Revise Tictactoe mini-game

 Implementing shorter command @tt and ttx for tictactoe

7. Fix Shield of Gray

 This item have broken item script. Revised the item script.

8. Implementing Crimson Elementalist NPC

 Added NPC in Milenia
 Added Crimson Elementalist in Milenia Tour NPC
 Added Milenia Tour NPC nearby
 Added "Crimson Elemental Book"
 Added book drop in all CEDI MVP

9. Updated Stock Market NPC

 Increase Max Stock Buy/Sell (as per requested and approved by GM Staff)

10. Implement Raya Mob and drop

 Added Langsuyo, Jembalang, Hantu Cina, Hantu Jepun and Toyol mob
 Added Ketupat and Idul Fitri Card as drop 

Manual Patch link for those who stuck after downloaded :

Download both 2 files and override it.

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