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Update 7.11 Changelog

edited September 2017 in News & Update Changelog


  1. Implementing "TicTacToe" mini games. ($20 paid Script)
    * Player can use @tictactoe command to start and any player can @tictactoeaccept to start play.
    * Added Tictactoe on Milenia Tour NPC
    * Added Milenia Tour NPC in Tictatoe area

  2. Revise and Updated Dokebi Farm
    * Dokebi Farm now got 3 additional Farm and total 4 Dokebi Farm available.
    * 1x Gold Grade (Triple Red Dokebi), 1x Silver Grade (Double Red Dokebi) and 2x Bronze Grade (Normal spawn Red Dokebi)
    * Red Dokebi now Double from original farm.
    * Gold Grade Room need Premium Dokebi Pass to enter while Silver Grade Room need Dokebi Membership Pass to enter. Both pass sell at Donation Shop in our Website.
    * Premium Dokebi Pass can enter Both Gold and Silver Grade Farm while Dokebi Membership Pass can only enter Silver Grade Farm only.
    * Added Remaining Time in the Farm before map cleaned.
    * Each farm displayed how many players in the farm.
    * Changed NPC IDs and Rename.
    * Sell both Pass at Donation Shop (Website) for 5 Days and 14 Days.
    * Sell Premium Dokebi Pass (1 Day) at Vote Shop with 65 Vote Points.

  3. Revise Ladder and Vicious Material Exchanger NPC.
    Added input menu so that you can enter how many material you exactly want to exchange.

  4. Revise Devil Square (version 1.2)
    * Fixed DS keep spawn broken monster (no sprite) and make player crash.
    * Removed unnecessary mob from list (especially that have many HP like plant, egg etc).
    * Revise Devil Square IP Limit and added Mac Limit.


  1. Revise Gold Room 2.0 - Invaded Prontera
    * Added more Invaded General (Boss) and now total General is 25
    * Added noteleport mapflag (To avoid player keep teleport and just find the General only)

  2. Fix Dance part in The Signing Quest
    * Fully Tested and confirmed. Now player can complete this quest which stuck before.

  3. Revise Battleground Custom
    * Added noitemconsume mapflag. Player cannot use any consumeable item in battleground custom map

  4. Added Alloy Trap Box in Renewal NPC Shop
    * Added as per request and approved by GM Staff

  5. Update Mini Boss in MVP Room
    * Gangster change Mobster as per reported.

  6. Update Boarding Halter, 12th Anniversary Crown and Elf Ears
    * Make it storageable

  7. Update Costume Fan in Mouth
    * Fix location into lower costume

  8. Fix Evil Marching Hat Costume Script

    bonus bStr,2; 
    bonus bAtkRate,2;  
    .@r = getrefine(); 
    if(.@r>=7) bonus bCritical,10; 
    if(.@r>=9){ bonus bAtkRate,5; 
    bonus bLongAtkRate,5;
  9. Fix some Charleston Crisis Mob wrong card location
    * From armor into weapon

  10. Update Aspersio Box in Cash Shop
    * Change ID since last box shows wrong description

  11. Update Bios Island Instance
    * Added noteleport mapflag

  12. Added Unsent Letter from Horroy Toy into iteminfo

  13. Changed custom IDs from iteminfo.lub
  14. Changed old custom IDs into new custom IDs from database
  15. Changed all Milenia Custom Item IDs from all NPC and item database
    Battleground (Both Ground)
    Cash Cloner NPC
    Cedi and Exchanger (All Cedi Related Items are affected)
    Daily Login Rewards
    Infinity Enchant
    Invaded Prontera
    MVP Ladder and Trader
    Universal Market
    Vip Refiner
    Pet Limit
    Potion Brewer
    Vicious Prison and Trader
    Quest Shop
    Vote Shop
    Woe Controller
    Item Database (All Milenia Custom items)
    Donation Shop (Website)
    SQL Database

That's all..

For your information, 4 hours and 28 minutes total spend time to do this maintenance..



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