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Update 7.8.4 Changelog

Milenia Update 7.8.4 Changelog :
1. Revised and Improved Vicious Prison (V3) :
- Limit 1 IP per Entry
- Warp All party member when leader enter the instance
- Change item autoget to all party member
- Added more mob to avoid MVP from duplicating
- Revised mob spawn coordinate
- Added random amount of "Crystal Fragment" when cleared this instance
- Added mapflag
2. Added IP limit on PVP and MVP Warper to avoid killing abuse for player rank
3. Change MVP Ladder Drop System
4. Revised Old Headgear Quest (Final Revision):
- Change Cursed Baphomet Doll from 2 into 1, Rosebine from 10 into 2 and other MVP drop item from 2 into 10.
5. Added Purification Bullet Ammo Case in Ammunution NPC as per requested.

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