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Mora coins


Mora coins

There is 3 methods to farm mora coins :

'''1st : Cash shop'''

You can purchase directly mora coins in cash shop for 3cash point or 20cash point for 10 mora coins.


=== '''2nd : Malongdo Culvert'''

You can earn mora coin in Coin bag drop from mvp and monster in Normal and Hard mode, this method also provid Splendide, Manuk and coin for Malondgo enchant.

10 Coins C can be trade vs 1 mora coins at Dark Merchan K at Malongdo (236, 179)


'''3rd : Mora  quest'''

Firstly you need to finish the quest [[Hazy_Forest|Wandering Guardian]] then you can start quest to farm mora coins.

''     Daily quests:''

[ ]

     ''Normal quests:''

[ ]

['s_Request ]

[ ]

[ ]

Notes that some normal quest need part of the quest Onward to New World

'''Mora Equipments:'''

You can now trade yours mora coins vs equipment in Recorn's Works, do not use mora npc to get equipment cause the item will be random beetween the two set of your classe.

After possessing your new mora equipment, you can now use [] to give more bonus to the set.


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