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Mora enchant guide

In the town of Mora, you can enchant all your mora equipment vs 1 mora coin / enchant. The enchant don't reset the refine or card implanted and can be reset for 1mora coins.

# Master of Relics (Arch Bishop)
The Master of Relics (mora 96, 74) is located near the middle of town by the lake.
Any of the gears may be purchased from the Keeper of Secrets (mora 88, 89) at a cost of 10 Mora Coins each

Only an Arch Bishop can trade in Mora Coins for the gear with the Keeper of Secrets.
He only allowed you to select which equipment type you desire (shoes, armor, weapon, accessory), and they are given one of the 2 or 3 possibilities at random.
Enchanting with the Master of Relics has a chance of breaking the gear.
You are not allowed to purchase an accessory when you already have one or more in your inventory.
It's possible to trade any of the three accessories in to obtain 10 Mora coins, to do so choose the third option from the Keeper of Secrets.

# Artifact Collector (Arch Bishop & Warlock)
The Artifact Collector (mora 124, 82) is located at the right side of the lake.

He will exchange your staff for a very precise (and extremely hard to get) enchants value and refine level.
Note that upgrading the staff to +7 or higher before trying to enchant it, won't give any bonus to the enchants possibilities as they are totally random.
Each time you try to enchant the staff with new value it can break in the process.
The enchant value required is the total of all enchants on the staff (ie. INT +2 and INT +2 is a valid INT +4 requirement)

# Artifact Researcher (Ranger, Guillotine Cross & Rune Knight)
The Artifact Researcher (mora 148, 98) is located east of the the lake
Any of the gears may be purchased from the Guardian of Power (152, 97) at a cost of 10 Mora Coins each.

Any class can trade in Mora Coins to buy the gear from the Guardian of Power, but you have to equip the gear to enchant it with the Artifact Researcher.
From here you can select which class and specific piece of equipment you would like.
Enchantments cost 1 Mora Coin and 100,000z each.
The second enchantment has a chance of failure (failure erases all enchantments).
The third enchantment has a low chance of success, failure results in either the removal of all enchantments, or the item breaking.
The third dialog option will remove all enchants, for 1 mora coin and 100,000 zeny.

Success rates are unknown, but anecdotal evidence suggests 40-60% for second enchant, and somewhat lower, possibly 30-50% on third enchant. Failures on third enchant seem to have approximately equal chance of losing enchants, or item breaking.

Enchantments are drawn from one of a fairly small number of lists - presumably with the same rates. These are shown at the end of the section. If the item is +9 or greater when you enchant it, you will be given two choices. One of these choices pulls from the same list that enchantments below +9 did, and the other pulls from a different list.

# Other Enchants

There are three other specific items which can be enchanted: Army Padding (sold by Master Tailor for 1 Mora Coin), Pendant of Guardian, and Loki's Muffler. Attempts at enchanting cost 5 mora coins each. On a successful enchantment, the items will receive three abilities. Items can be enchanted again if desired. This will replace the first enchantment.

On a failed enchantment, the Army Padding will be destroyed, and the others will just be left un-enchanted.
Items NPC Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3
Army padding - Master Tailor (mora 105, 176)
ATK +2%, +3%
MATK +1%, +2%
FLEE +6, +12
CRIT +5, +7 DEX +1, +2, +3
INT +1, +2
LUK +1, +2 STR +1, +2
DEX +3
AGI +1, +2
VIT +1, +2

Pendant of Guardian - Pendant Crafter (mora 123, 177)
Loki's Muffler - Bulberry Westhood (mora 134, 166)

Artifact Panhandler**

The Artifact Panhandler is located at the bottom right of the lake (mora 119, 75)
. Unwanted Arch Bishop and Warlock gears can be exchanged here to 2 mora coins each.

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