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Milenia Update 7.6.2 Changelog

Milenia Update 7.6.2 Changelog :
1. Fix Malangdo Culvert bug.
2. Removed all Crimson Eqs from Mob drop. This eqs already removed before as this equipment need to do Ladder Quest. When last update, I don't notice that rAthena did add this crimson equipment into mob loot. Thanks for honest report.
3. Added Slotted Sunglass and Costume Gas Mask into MVP Ladder Quest.
4. Upgrade our website. Just bought that theme and no one notice yet.. Hahaha..
5. Implement Top Player and Top Guild ranking in website.
6. Make twitter account which I never used before.. xD
7. Make Youtube Channel and will upload our server gameplay from time to time. If you have videos want to share, please sent the edited video at and we will reward you per video.
That's all for today update. Have fun~
Milenia ADMIN

More details please check here~

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